Elite Facials

Elite Facials (60 Minutes) Member/Guest
Casmara Facial $99/$119
A luxurious and nourishing treatment that incorporates intense exfoliation, a treatment ampoule and our specialty Casmara algae peel off mask. The Casmara mask covers your entire face, including eyes and lips.
Un-Wrinkle Facial $99/$119
Our most popular facial! This age-defying treatment with alpha hydroxy acids and peptides combines a peel with a collagen mask to promote cell regeneration, boost elastin and collagen, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.
Image O2 Lift Facial $125/$155
Oxygen depletion and carbon dioxide accumulation leads to dehydration, uneven skin-tone, dullness and premature aging.  This potent radiance boosting complex of oxygen combined with effective brighteners and anti-oxidants, leaves skin smoother, looking brighter and years younger.
Image Four Layer Vitamic C Facial $125/$155
Laboratory developed for Rosacea/Dry,Dehydrated skin. Soothes skin irritations and nourishes tired and dry, dull looking skin. Rich in anti-oxidants for brightening, ultimate protection and nutrition.  Great for Brides for a glowing complexion!
Image Lightening Lift Lactic Kojic Facial $155/$185
Strengthen, nourish, and improve your skin’s health and appearance. Optimal skin health is achieved by reaching live tissue. Works at the cellular level to diminish fine lines, fade sun damage/pigmentation, increase hydration and stimulate cellular turnover for more youthful looking skin.  Post Peel Kit included!
Image Wrinkle Lift Glycolic Retinol Facial $155/$185
Prevents and treats signs of aging and environmental exposures. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, reversing cellular damage effects. Promotes skin rejuvenation and leaves skin fresh and youthful.  Post Peel Kit included!
Image Acne Facial $99/$119
Banish breakouts faster! By utilizing medicated treatment products, this facial clears up acne blemishes and prevents future blemishes while gently exfoliating the skin and deep cleaning the pores.  Helps fade redness from blemishes. 3 step acne kit inlcuded!
Image Acne Salicylic Glycolic Facial $155/$185
Our most aggressive treatment  for acne.  This facial immediately kills bacteria to clear up your skin by adding a resurfacing treatment to our Image acne facial.   Post Peel Kit included!
Stimulating Collagen Facial $99/$119
Boost collagen production in this anti-aging facial that includes a deep exfoliation, a collagen ampoule & a collagen sheet mask.
Microdermabrasion Facial    $99/$119
Stimulate growth of healthy new skin cells by removing a layer of dead or damaged skin from your face from our diamond tipped machine.  This procedure reduces the visible signs of aging, sun damage, enlarged pores, fine lines, and age spots.  Ideal results are achieved over a series of treatments.
Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial $125/$155
Our microdermabrasion facial customized with a Casmara mask or a peel, concluding with an ampoule.  Truly a perfect combination!  Your entire face will be left radiant and nourished.
Glo Enzyme Facial $99/$119
For all skin types, an exfoliating facial with fruit enzymes & salicylic acid to help break down dead skin cells for smoother skin.  (For sensitive skin try our Gentle Flower Enzyme facial for $99/$119)
Glo Lactic Facial $99/$119
For all skin types except oily, this anti-aging facial offers exfoliating &moisture retention properties, as well as will promote softer skin.
Glo Intense Vitamin C Facial $99/$119
Using a high potency of 22% L-Asorbic Acid, Vitamin C, this facial will reduce hyper pigmentation while fighting aging and free radicals. This is a great facial before a red carpet event!
Deluxe Glo Brightening Facial $125/$155
A more aggressive modified jessner’s peel will improve irregular skin tones, freckles, accelerate cellular turnover and fight aging.  Includes a mask to take home.
Express Microdermabrasion Treatment  (20-25 minutes) $49/$69
Express Elite Treatments $49+/$69+
Need to target specific areas of concern?  Get results with our elite peel or mask treatments. (20-25 minutes)